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KEIL C51 Version 9.52 Released

Thursday, 04 July 2013 00:00

Software Update for Part Numbers A51, CA51 and PK51.



Cx51 Compiler
-  Modified: the warning C294: unreachable code will be issued instead of a compiler error for unreachable code statements.
-  Corrected: wrong XDATA address calculation which may occurs with combined pointer and int arithmetic.
-  Corrected: an ignored pointer cast which occurs under some circumstances with far and generic pointers.

LX51 Linker/Locater
-  Corrected: a wrong address calculation which occurs when const in code banks combined with linker code packing.
-  Added: Error 144: OVERLAY GROUP SEGMENT CANNOT HAVE 'LAST' ADDRESS ASSIGNMENT message. The LAST attribute cannot be used to locate segments that collect overlayable segments.

AX51 Assembler
-  Corrected: an erroneously issued error A57 'REGISTER USAGE' REQUIRES A PUBLIC CODE SYMBOL which occurs when REGUSE directive is used by mixed-case (composed by upper and lower case characters) symbols.

New Supported Devices
-  Texas Instruments
-  CC2541F128 and CC2541F256



To download the latest Update and view the Release Notes:

C51 Software
Development tools for all 8051 devices
Version 9.52


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